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Holyland Sailing

A private company established in 1991.
The company is co-owned by two couples: Yehuda and Joan Smadar and Reuben and Yael Ben-Dori.
Yehuda is a skipper with 40 years of experience and Joan has been working in the tourism industry in Israel for 25 years.
Reuben is one of Israel's veteran tourist guides. He has a degree in "Development of Tourism" and another in "Development of Tourism for Israel"
Yael has managed the business for many years.
Both are skippers and dedicated workers.

We operate many kinds of sailing events:
  1. Boat trips for tourists
  2. Opportunity for all ages to study about the Kinneret while sailing .
  3. Study groups and retired people.
  4. Special boat trips for weddings or Bar/Bat Mitzvas
  5. Special boat trips for birthdays, complete with music, refreshments
  6. or full Kosher (if desired) meals.
  7. Boat trips for meditation or other special requests.